In the multi-tiered local government system that exists in Buckinghamshire, responsibilities are split between Parish/Town, District and County Councils.

If you are unsure who to contact for a particular issue, an online service exists which will automatically direct you querry to the correct authority. Go to This is a one-stop shop that all local councils subscribe to. Supply your post code and you can report anything here. It will be directed to the correct department at the appropriate authority. It will also give you a list of recently reported items and status.

You can still report problems directly to the appropriate agency if you prefer. Additional information can be found on the Useful Links page.

Buckinghamshire County Council is about to launch a new Rights of Way reporting system which will allow members of the public to log and track their Rights of Way problems online. 

Using the new online system, path volunteers can also sign up to carry out minor Rights of Way tasks and agree to undertake path surveys.

At the launch of the new system the old Rights of Way ‘Report It’ pages will be removed and will no longer be available.

A number of Parish Council have links from their web pages to the Bucks CC’s Report It page at

If you do use this link or wish to provide details on how to report a Rights of Way Problem to the County Council on your Parish Council web pages, then please add/amend to the follow website address:-