Welcome to the new Steeple Claydon Parish Council website. 

The Hall is CLOSED from 20/12/2020 due to re-open from 12/04/2021

The Library is CLOSED from 20/12/2020 due to re-open from 12/04/2021

The Children's Corner Play Park and NEW Skate Park is now re-open - with CV procedures in place.

The equipment will NOT be cleaned daily - the council does not have the resources to do this. However hand gel is provided at both entrances to the Play Park and by the Skate Park and there is COVID guideline signage in place.

 Relevant COVID - 19 updates from the Government will be put onto the News pages of this website.

You can also join the Steeple Claydon Support Network on Facebook if you can volunteer or require CV self isolation support.

We hope you find the site easy to navigate, up to date and interesting.  If you spot anything you think needs improvement or updating please email Hannah, our Parish Clerk. Her email address is clerk@steepleclaydonparishcouncil.gov.uk 

If you'd like to talk to her please call 01296 534 698 (office hours only please Monday-Friday) or call into the Clerk Clinic (Currently Cancelled) 

There is a post box attached to the Library (48) where you can leave any paperwork for the Clerk. The Clerk does not work on week-ends.

The Parish Council meets at 19.30 on the first Tuesday of each month except August. Members of the public are welcome to come along to see what the council is doing.  There is a public participation session at the start of the meeting when the public are able to comment or ask the council questions about their activities. The Agenda is published on the website on the Thursday before the meeting.

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on the Tuesday 06 April 2021 at 19.30 - We held our first 'virtual' monthly meeting in May 2020. We use the video conferencing application Zoom. 

Time: 06 April 2021 @  7:15PM

Meeting ID:  853 3406 5835

Password: 759071

There will be a public participation section of the meeting and the Chair will be inviting members of the public to ask questions or make comments.  

The meeting will start at 7:30 (hopefully prompt) and you can join from 7:15. Councillors will be able to join from 7pm.

When you join the meeting you will be held in the 'waiting room' until admitted by the meeting administrator, and your video will be set to 'off' and your microphone will be muted. 

When and if you're ready to be seen please switch your camera on using the on screen button and if you want to speak please unmute your microphone.  

Please Note: All on-line (ZOOM) monthly Steeple Claydon Parish Council Public Meetings are recorded.

The agreed minutes of the Parish Council meetings are displayed in the document repository under Minutes.

The Parish Council Meeting Agenda's are kept in 'Our Files' under Agenda's 2020/2021

We are keen to make sure that the Parish Council understands the needs of the village, and spends your money wisely, prudently and in line with the village's needs. 

Please let us know if you think there is anything you think we should be doing in addition to the range of activities we're already involved with. 

Steeple Claydon Parish Council are proud to announce that the AED (Defibulator) at The Village Hall is now in commission and ready for use. The instructions are on the cabinet on the lit post outside of the Village Hall. We do hope that it will not have to be used but ask that if in the event that you do use it, please inform the Parish Council as soon as possible.

The AED will be checked on a regular basis both by ourselves and The Ambulance service.

The Parish Council are also looking into a Multi Use Games Area to complement the skate park vicinity with some outdoor gym equipment.

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