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Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2023 12:22:53 PM
Subject: [EXTERNAL] HS2 - 2856 - Calvert Road, Steeple Claydon - 12/06/2023-28/03/2025 - 24/7 Road Closure


Dear All

This is not consultation - These works are to go ahead under the powers set out in the the HS2 Act 2017

Please find attached completed diversionary route for HS2 & associated works. These works will be undertaken by HS2 & their respective contractors. 

HS2 Ltd can be contacted directly by email or by telephone on 020 7944 4908 or HS2 Freephone number 08081 434 434
If you are unable to view this link please go to to view under the road and dates stated.

Please see below link



HS2 route-wide injunction



On 20 September 2022 a High Court Judge, Mr Justice Knowles, sitting at Birmingham’s Civil Justice Centre, granted HS2 Limited an extensive injunction along the length of the high-speed line from London to Crewe to help tackle unlawful protests.


The order makes going onto HS2 land without permission or disrupting work a potential contempt of court – the offence of ignoring a judge’s ruling. The order covers a range of scenarios including people “interfering with” access to the land or “delaying or hindering” any HS2 work. Breaking the injunction would be a contempt of court which could lead to a fine, imprisonment or both. The order can be viewed at Orders-Basic_Order.pdf ( and details of the proceedings can be viewed at HS2 route-wide injunction proceedings - GOV.UK (


Protests against the railway have cost HS2 an estimated £122 million nationally and an HS2 spokesperson said that the injunction was not intended to stop legitimate protest saying “instead, we hope the injunction will prevent the violence, intimidation, and criminal damage these protests have frequently caused, harming the HS2 project and those working on it, and costing the UK taxpayer millions of pounds.”



There have been a number of concerns about people going about legitimate business or pastimes mistakenly breaking the injunction and committing a criminal offence. Examples include walkers or ramblers walking across a footpath which crosses HS2 land, footpath maintenance volunteers straying off the path to cut back hedgerows, organisations accessing the land for monitoring purposes such as the Chiltern Conservation Board and the Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust and even Buckinghamshire Council Officers going about their statutory business.

Actions taken by Buckinghamshire Council

Buckinghamshire Council has taken a number of actions to ensure that the route-wide injunction does not prevent people legitimately accessing or crossing HS2 land either for leisure or business purposes.


The Council sought legal advice on the implications of the route-wide injunction. It indicated

that it should not affect the rights of the public using Public Rights of Way over HS2 land, making use of private rights of access over HS2 land or any person holding a freehold interest in land over which HS2 Ltd has taken temporary possession.


We have also sought King’s Counsel advice on the implications of the injunction. The advice was that it is very unlikely that the injunction will affect the lawful activities of groups, such as the Chilterns Conservation Board continuing to undertake reasonable monitoring activities or members of the public, ramblers etc. from walking across HS2 land. It is very unlikely that the injunction will have implications for Buckinghamshire Council exercising its statutory powers and is only likely to affect the activities of protestors of HS2. King’s Counsel does not consider it necessary for the Council to apply to the Court for a variation of the order.


We have liaised with senior members of HS2 Ltd regarding this route-wide injunction and our concerns about it. HS2 Ltd responded that the injunction is aimed at unlawful protestors not law-abiding members of the public and that their staff would take a common-sense approach.  HS2 Ltd added some additional information to their webpage to allay concerns and spell out what the injunction does and does not do. The link to the webpage is: HS2 route-wide injunction - HS2


The Court has instructed HS2 Ltd to display the documents relating to the injunction in four libraries along the route (Aylesbury, Great Missenden, Wendover and Chalfont St Giles.) Buckinghamshire Council has worked with HS2 Ltd to ensure that these documents are available to the public to view and have added a caveat that:


“These documents relate to the route-wide injunction that has been granted to HS2 Ltd by the court. This information has been deliberately placed at this library to facilitate ease of access by the public, by request of the court. Buckinghamshire Council does not endorse this injunction.”




Steven Broadbent, Cabinet Member for Transport

Peter Martin, Deputy Cabinet Member for Transport (HS2/EWR)

Buckinghamshire Council  









PLEASE SEE BELOW EXTENDED DATES FOR THESE WORKS - PERIOD FOR WHICH ORDER IS SOUGHT from 08:00 on Monday 8th November 2021 to 18:00 on Sunday 28th August 2022 - Road to be closed

Steeple Claydon To Calvert Road

Dear All

This is not consultation - These works are to go ahead under the powers set out in the the HS2 Act 2017

Please find attached completed diversionary route for HS2 & associated works. These works will be undertaken by HS2 & their respective contractors. Works for closure of Addison Road due to weak bridge over railway. On Monday 8th November 2021 at 08.00 hours to 18.00 hours on Sunday 28th August 2022 - Road to be closed.

HS2 Ltd can be contacted directly by email or by telephone on 020 7944 4908 or HS2 Freephone number 08081 434 434
If you are unable to view this link please go to to view under the road and dates stated.

Please see below map- red area is the closure and blue the diversionary route

HS2 Calvert IMD presentation 06 Jul 2021

E update June 2021

Notice of vegetation works Addison Road May 2021

HS2 HGV Routes - Should not be coming through Steeple Claydon Traffic Information Guide_Winter 2020_Aylesbury to Mixbury_V8

E update April 2021

E update March 2021

HS2 Traffic Information Guide - Winter 2020 Aylesbury to Mixbury HGV Route

2021 E update January 2021

Buckinghamshire Councils December 2020 Update on HS2

Topics covered in this document are, mud or roads, impact on community’s and the Green Corridor

2020 E update December 2020

2020 E update November 2020

HS2 Notice of vegetation clearance works November 2020

HS2 E Update October 2020

HS2 Fusion Update 13 - October 2020

HS2 Fusion Update 13 - October 2020

Email received to SCPC

Dear Parish Councillors

Following Parliamentary approval for Phase One of HS2, we have been developing the design of the railway. This includes our Common Design Elements (CDEs). CDEs are parts of the railway with a standardised appearance which will give the railway a recognisable look whilst making the building of HS2 more efficient. We want all the visible elements of HS2 to be sympathetic to their surroundings, including the character of the area. CDEs will help us with this. 

We are now commencing route wide public engagement on CDEs for a 4 week period between 2nd and 30th January. The three CDE elements subject to the engagement are: parapets (part of bridges and viaducts), piers (another part of bridges and viaducts) and lineside noise barriers (used to compensate for the sound of high speed trains). We want to hear your thoughts about some of the detailed aspects of these designs. This will help us with the final stages of our design work.

We would like your feedback on our CDEs. The information booklet and accompanying online survey can be downloaded or alternatively you can request physical copies of both documents by contacting our Helpdesk on: 08081 434 434 or via email to:

Alternatively you can view via Commonplace website below

kind regards




Email received on 16.12.19 to Parish Council

Dear all

 Please find below a copy of the Advance Works Notifications for the compound set up. AWN reference FUS_AWN_0001.

The information is now on Commonplace

 Kind regards

 Simon Griffiths

Community Liaison Officer




Email received on 16.12.19 to Parish Council

This is not consultation - These works are to go ahead under the powers set out in the the HS2 Act 2017

Please find attached completed diversionary route for HS2 & associated works. These works will be undertaken by HS2 & their respective contractors. Works for validation survey of existing Permanent Ground Markers from 20/01/2020-21/01/2020 between the hours of 20:00-06:00.

HS2 Ltd can be contacted directly by email or by telephone on 020 7944 4908 or HS2 Freephone number 08081 434 434

Please see below map- red area is the closure and blue the diversionary route


I am sorry to say that the HS2 Archaeology Conference scheduled for Saturday 23 November has had to be POSTPONED due to the General Election. The Bucks Archaeological Society has received the following eMail from HS2 Limited: 
'I am sorry for the short notice, but HS2 Ltd, in this case represented by our contractor Fusion, is unable to take part in the BAS conference organised for 23/11, as it falls during the pre-election period (purdah). As a public body, HS2 Ltd (and by extension our supply chain) is subject to strict rules in the lead up to the general election and after careful review we have been advised that attendance would breach those rules.'
On 15 October I sent you details of the conference with a request to circulate these to your councillors. Please would you make sure they know of this postponement, to save anyone a wasted journey. I apologise for the inconvenience, which you are free to lay at the door of the General Election or a political party of your choice.
The society will do all we can to rearrange the conference for a date in the New Year after the General Election is over. 
Peter Marsden 
    Chair, Bucks Archaeological Society



Click link above to read the presentation given by HS2 to local Councillors


Click link above to see HS2 Notice of work on railway sidings issued by HS2 October 2019


Click link above to see October meeting details on vegetation clearance works issued by HS2 september 2019


Click link above to see Update on vegetation clearance works issued by HS2 September 2019


The Parish Council instructed the Clerk to send the following email to Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP,

with a copy to; Rt Hon John Bercow MP, Cllr Angela Macpherson, Cllr John Chilver.

500 Acres HS2

Dear Mr Shapps,

I have been instructed by the Steeple Claydon Parish Council to write expressing our deep concern about the continuation of the advance works vegetation clearance works associated with HS2 when the project is clearly under review and its continuation is in serious doubt. We would urge that you instruct HS2  not to carry out the destruction of hundreds of acres of farmlands in our parish including the removal of ancient woodlands, hedgerows and mature trees, which could never be replaced in the event of a 'no go' decision in December. As this decision is only three months away the impact on delaying this aspect of the work would be trivial, not least because the exact size and nature of the land required for the IMD has not yet been agreed. To continue this destruction before the decision is announced would lead to the conclusion that the decision has already been taken to continue the project and that the review is simply a perfunctory exercise.

There is massive ill feeling towards the way that HS2 has progressed this element of work to date including the appalling way that the landowners have been treated and to progress with this clearance works at this time would be seen by our village as extremely provocative.

Parish Clerk





HS2 would like to invite you to a drop-in session about HS2 works in your area.

Date: Tuesday 17th September 2019 and Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Time: 4pm – 8pm

Venue: Steeple Claydon Village Hall, 48, Queen Catherine Road, Steeple Claydon,

MK18 2PY


Click link above to read HS2 Notification of works

August 2019



Click link above to read HS2 Notification of Works Compound set up

July 2019


A member of the public wrote to the parish council asking it to confirm its position regarding HS2. The council is keen to ensure that the village is fully aware of its approach to this project which will undoubtedly have a major impact on the village for many years to come. The council has prepared the following statement which hopefully clarifies the key issues of concern:

  • The parish council has actively opposed HS2 and petitioned the Select Committee for HS2 to try to ensure the village was protected. This activity was undertaken at a time when it was possible to influence the content of the HS2 bill. There were specific provisions made for the parishes affected by the Infrastructure Maintenance Depot (IMD) and the bill included provision for a large amount of environmental protection and mitigation work. We believe that the council's representations helped to achieve these mitigations.
  • The parish council has supported the campaign to stop the vegetation clearance works. It has written to the head of HS2 specifically regarding this matter. We note the work is temporarily suspended and HS2 have confirmed that the work will restart in the near future under the guidance of professional environmentalists.
  • The HS2 bill makes provision to compensate affected communities. They have a Communities and Environment Fund and a specific fund (£1m) for the four parishes affected by the IMD. If we do not take advantage of these funds the parish council believes it will be guilty of not working in the best interests of the village.
  • We are in regular dialogue with the other parishes regarding the Calvert fund which has to be used specifically for any additional mitigation works which the parishes would consider would mitigate the environmental impact over and above that provided for by the bill. It is therefore unlikely that the allocation of this money can be agreed until further information is available regarding the detailed proposals of the contractors, including those responsible for the IMD. The parish council has agreed that it will work collaboratively with the other parishes regarding this fund.
  • It is the parish council's responsibility to represent the best interests of the community. Following Royal Assent of the HS2 bill it was agreed by the parish council that it would accept that HS2 had followed the appropriate process and that it had all the authority for the project to proceed. The council agreed that it would seek to maximise the benefit to the village by engaging in constructive dialogue with HS2 and their contractors. Recent examples of this include contracts with the advance works contractors for cleaning and the provision of accommodation for workers in the village. The main works contractor has now established a comprehensive recruitment and training programme which is available to people of all ages and abilities. Details are available in the village library and we can provide links and contact to those who are interested in taking advantage of these opportunities. Grants have already been received by the Methodist Church for a much needed renovation, and an upgrade to the Mushroom Club and village hall in Botolph Claydon. These organisations are taking advantage of money designed to compensate our villages for the disruption that everyone recognises is going to happen, particularly during the early stages of the construction works.
  • The parish council has been actively discussing these plans with HS2 since they began their programme of community engagement. It is only now that the contractors' proposals are emerging that we can begin to make specific comment about their proposals. One thing that was evident from their presentation in Calvert Green village hall on 4th June is the large amount of additional area that will provide a wonderful habitat for wildlife and be protected from the effects of ploughing, fertiliser and weedkilling treatments which are currently being applied to these areas. This includes areas for water storage during heavy rainfall which will create some new types of habitat, encouraging a more diverse range of wildlife.

The fact is that at present HS2 has all the authority it needs to progress their project. This may change depending on changes in political leadership, but for now the council will continue to work in the best interests of the residents of Steeple Claydon. There will undoubtedly be massive impact caused by HS2 and they are holding another engagement event in the school on Saturday 29thJune from 12 noon until 4pm when you have the opportunity to talk to representatives on topics including environmental protection, timing of the works, impact on the communities etc. We would encourage everyone who cares about the village and the surrounding countryside to attend this meeting to test HS2 and their contractors on their compliance with both the HS2 bill and also their corporate responsibilities with regards to the communities they affect.

The council is working hard to understand the nature of this disruption and to minimise its effect on the village and will continue to be in regular contact with HS2 and the main works contractor to ensure our voices, concerns and suggestions are listened to. In the past the parish council has organised events in the village hall where the plans and proposals were explained and discussed. HS2 is on the agenda of each monthly parish council meeting and everyone is welcome to attend and speak during public participation and to hear the discussions regarding HS2 at the appropriate time on the agenda.

We, the parish council, will continue to work hard to get the best outcome for the village whilst hoping that it will not go ahead.

 June 2019


1 HS2 E Update June 2019

Applications currently received by Bucks County Council

*Please note, dates could change*

Aylesbury Vale District

Queen Catherine Road, Steeple Claydon - Access / exit for pipeline plant and vehicles; Road assessment; stoned areas on the verge access. The purpose is to act as an access from/onto the pipeline spread/highway– 19/3/2018 – 1/7/2019

Gawcott Road - access and egress at construction site entrance for deliveries / collection, and acccess / exit and crossing points for pipeline plants and vehicles – 30/04/2018 – 1/7/2019

Gawcott Road - Accessing site to carry out site clearance works, which includes removing all hedgerows and trees for HS2 / Fusion. Works completed by Fusion subcontractors, Forkers, Coombes and Practically Brown – 20/5/2019 – 27/9/2019

Gawcott Road, West Street, Steeple Claydon to Calvert, Edgcott Road - Site clearance works including removal of all vegetation such as trees, hedges and brush and installation of fencing where required with temporary traffic signals – 1/7/2019 -23/8/2019

Calvert Road, PRoW SCL/12/1 - Boundary Fencing works and ecology works, including site clearance for HS2 / Fusion by Fusion subcontractor Littlewoods, AECOM and Practicality Brown – planned but dates to be confirmed PRoW Various Quainton and Hogshaw – Temporary Footpath Closures 07/01/2019 – 31/12/2019 Claydon Road, Shipton Lee Road and North Farm Lane – Temporary interference: Site access for overhead line restringing works to pylon 08/01/2019 – 31/12/2019

PRoWs TWY/4/1, TWY/5/1, SCL/6/1, SCL/8/1, SCL/8/2, SCL/8/3, SCL/8/4, SCL/9/1, SCL/9/2, SCL/7/1, SCL/12/1 - Site clearance works on existing farmland, which includes removing all hedgerows and trees for HS2 / Fusion – 4/3/2019 – 27/9/2019

Shipton Lee, PRoWs QUA/26/1, QUA/24/1, QUA/35A/1, QUA/35/1, QUA/35/2 - Boundary Fencing works and Ecology works, including site clearance for HS2 / Fusion by Fusion subcontractor Littlewoods, Ecosulis & AECOM and Practicality Brown - Works access signage, PRoWs to remain open at all time with pedestrian interfaces being managed by a banksman and pedestrian barriers, trackway matting to be used on PRoWs if required – 10/10/2018 – 5/7/2019

Quainton Road, Station Road - TX01 and TX02 pipeline diversions and site access construction – 25/3/2019 – 30/11/2019 2 PRoW QUA/30/1 - TX01 Pipeline diversion, Footpath closure and diversion – 1/4/2019 – 1/11/2019 QUA/24A/1, QUA/24/1, QUA/28/1, QUA/28A/1, QUA/28A/2 - Plant movements between grassland donor site to the receptor site, temporary obstruction of PRoWs for plant crossing, coordinated by a banksman, trackway matting to be used when required – 15/4/2019 – 19/8/2019

Stoke Mandeville Footpath 5 -Vegetation clearance, footpath is close to clearance – 24/10/2018 – 31/12/2019

Great Missenden Footpath GMI/13/3 – new grid installation, PRoW to remain open, pedestrians will be marshalled through the works – 13/5/2019 – 22/11/2019

Footpath closures due to National Grid overhead power cable diversions (not all footpaths will be closed at the same time for the full duration) - HOG/7/1, QUA/40/4, QUA/38/2, QUA/39/1, QUA/35/2, QUA/35A/1, QUA/26/1, QUA/25A/1, QUA/25/2, GUN/8/3 – 7/1/2019 – 31/12/2019

Claydon Road, Shipton Lee Road, North Farm Lane - multiple access alterations and constructions of bellmouths – 7/1/2019 – 31/12/2019

North Farm Lane – construction of new access - 08/01/2019 – 31/12/2019 North Farm Lane - Signage informing road users of site access traffic – 29/4/2019 – 31/12/2019

North Farm Lane - Overhead line restringing works, road closure and diversion with stop/go control – 21/5/2019 – 13/10/2019 Claydon Road – construction of new access – 8/1/2019 – 31/12/2019

Werner Terrace - Accessing site to carry out tree and hedgerow planting works – 4/3/2019 – 28/6/2019

Claydon Road, Shipton Lee Road, North Farm Lane - multiple site accesses for overhead power line restringing works, main works compound, scaffold, pylon removal, and new pylon build – 14/1/2019 – 31/12/2019

Bicester Road National Grid works - Warning of Lorries turning signage – 4/2/2019 – 31/12/2019

Marsh Lane PRoWs GLK/31/1, SBH/29/1, SMA/11/1, SBH/28/1, SBH/28/2, SMA/16/1 & SMA/16/2 - Boundary Fencing works and ccology works, including site clearance for HS2 / Fusion by Fusion subcontractor Stobart and Practicality Brown - Works access signage, PRoWs to remain open at all time with pedestrian interfaces being managed by a banksman and pedestrian barriers, trackway matting to be used on PRoWs if required – 25/2/2019 – 30/6/2019

Gawcott Road, Steeple Claydon Road, Steeple Claydon to Calvert Road, Queen Catherine Road, Calvert Road to Steeple Claydon Road, Calvert Road, Brackley Lane, Shipton Lee, Fidlers Field – Survey works – 3/6/2019 – 21/6/2019

Risborough Road, SMA/5/1 - Erection of PROW fencing works for HS2 / Fusion by Fusion subcontractor TOPAN fencing – 3/6/2019-30/6/2019 Oxford Road, Nash Lee Road, Station Road,

3 Risborough Road, Calvert Road, Steeple Claydon to Calvert Road, Queen Catherine Road, Marsh Gibbon Road – works access for ground investigations – 3/6/2019-31/12/2019



South Bucks District A412 North Orbital Road - Within the land to be occupied the following will take place: Erection of a 2.4m high hoarding; Placement of a temporary hardstanding; Placement of temporary material stockpiles; protection of and/or diversion of existing utilities; vegetation clearance; modification of existing gate at the demarcation between highway and legacy Highway England land – 14/1/2019 – 31/10/2019

A412 North Orbital Road, Denham Way - Installation and presence of permanent post mounted access signage – 14/1/2019 – 31/10/2019 A412 North Orbital Road - Trackway matting placed on verge to protect from HGV overturning. Matting will be flush to the carriageway surface and will prevent mud being tracked onto the highway – 15/1/2019 – 28/6/2019

A412 North Orbital Road - Abnormal Load Movements / Deliveries – 24/4/2019-5/6/2019

A412 North Orbital Road - Vegetation clearance, utility works, junction construction, and abnormal load movement with temporary traffic signals – planned but dates to be confirmed PRoW Denham 3 / 1, and Ricks 002 (Ricks Restricted byway 071) - Vehicles and plant crossing the PRoWs, pedestrians to be marshalled when crossings occur – 4/3/2019 – 29/7/2019

Tilehouse Lane - Ground investigation work in fields to the west of Tilehouse Lane – 25/4/2019 – 30/8/2019

Mill Lane - Ground investigation on land to the east of Mill Lane and south of footpath Chalfont St Giles 30 – 25/4/2019 – 30/8/2019

Shire Lane - Chalfont Lane will be temporarily stopped up for use as a construction access/ egress for HS2 works – 31/5/2019 -31/6/2019

Shire Lane - Chalfont Lane will be temporarily stopped up for use as a construction access/ egress for HS2 works – 1/7/2019-4/1/2020

Hornhill Road, Chalfont Road, Gorelands Lane, Chesham Lane, Rickmansworth Lane, Shire Lane - joint repairs, patch repairs to the existing carriageway, double surface dressed, exposed vertical verge faces will be seeded – 10/6/2019-14/6/2019

Denham Court Drive - Vegetation clearance and tree trimming for improved access and sight lines, for HS2 / Fusion for plant and enabling works, by Fusion subcontractor COOMBES, using tractor and flail method – dates to be confirmed Chiltern District 4 Footpath CSP/10/1 - Ground investigation on land to the south of CVSP/10/1 for the potential use of land as a haul road – 22/4/2019 – 30/8/2019

Bridleway CSP/44/1 - Boundary fencing and tunnel boring machine power supply installation works for HS2 / Fusion by Fusion subcontractor Amey – 11/2/2019-31/1/2020

A413 Great Missenden Bypass - Installation of signage only to allow site compound to be installed – 27/11/2018 – 31/07/2019

A413 Amersham Road / LMI/40 Footpath - Ground investigations (cable percussion and rotary boreholes) in land to the north of the A413 between Keepers and Chalk Lane, and surfacing activities – planned but dates to be confirmed Chesham Lane - 30mph speed limit for Align Contractors access – 7/3/2019 – 22/12/2023

Chesham Lane, PRoW CSP/10/1, & PRoW CSG/32/1 - Boundary Fencing works and Ecology works, including site clearance for HS2 / Fusion by Fusion subcontractor ATM, SES and COOMBES – planned but dates to be confirmed Village Road, Little Missenden, Footpath 40 (LMI), Bridleway 42 (LMI), Footpath 22 (LMI), Footpath 26 (AMS), Bridleway 29 (LMI), Mop End Lane, Footpath 28 (AMS) - Ground investigation on land to the north of footpath 26, Amersham – 24/4/2019 – 30/8/2019

Link Road, A413 Missenden Bypass, Frith Hill - Trial holes, Pas 128 survey, investigation and vegetation clearance works, temporary traffic signals and lane closure – dates to be confirmed Bottom House Farm Lane, Amersham Road (A413), Vache Lane, A413 London Road, Pheasant Hill - 7300223, High Street, Up Corner, Silver Hill, Bottrells Lane - Vegetation clearance with road closure and diversion – 3/6/2019 – 14/6/2019

Bottom House Farm Lane, Footpath 30, Footpath 28 - Trial trench evaluation works for HS2 / Fusion by Fusion subcontractor Infra Archaeology – 17/6/2019-19/7/2019


If you require further information please contact HS2 Ltd at Or Freephone 08081 434 434 Buckinghamshire County Council HS2 team: Jackie Copcutt Tel: 01296 383793 HS2 Blueprint Mailbox BCC HS2 Webpages:


Greatmoor Sidings EnInquiry - 18 July 2017



Letter to The Clerk and Steeple Claydon Parish Councillors From HS2

I have had confirmation from Western Power Distribution (WPD) that they will be carrying out investigations (four bore holes) around the substation on Addison Rd (Steeple Claydon) starting w/c 20th March subject to conditions being suitable.

I have attached maps and a copy of the resident letter that we will be sending out to properties closest to the works in the area.

WPD would not usually engage with the community over these works so we are sending out letters to residents with WPDs agreement as we would do if they were HS2 contractor works.

The link below explains more about ground investigations;

Charlotte Hewes | Engagement Manager, Community Relations | HS2 Ltd
Telephone: 07780 226629

HS2 Helpdesk (24/7) 
Telephone: 020 7944 4908

The following document and maps contain the relevent information: -

Letter to residents

Compound Map

General Map


Full Speed Ahead as HS2 gets Royal Assent

HS2 Bill gained Royal Assent on 23 February 2017. You can read the full story by clicking on this link to GOV.UK website. 


The Parish Council has been notified by the HS2 Engagement Team that ground investigation works, postponed from before Christmas, will now likely commence w/c 23 January 2017.

"We have had confirmation from SGN that the ground investigation work they had planned to do before Christmas is now due to be carried out towards the end of January (likely w/c 23rd Jan). We are posting out notification letters as attached to around 230 properties in the area who the works are more likely to have any direct impact on. Just to confirm – SGN will not be doing any highway works as part of this job at this time – all work is on private land and will be with the agreement of the owner. A copy of the residents' letter can be found here and an area enclosure map here.
With regards to the future ground investigation works in the area – we are expecting Western Power Distribution to be doing some works in the next couple of months (around 3 holes) and we will notify you as soon as we have more details from them. HS2 will also be starting its own programme of ground investigations in the area this year, which are not currently expected to start until March.
Charlotte Hewes | Engagement Manager, Community Relations | HS2 Ltd
Telephone: 07780 226629"


Community Engagement Newsletter - January 2017

A copy of the petition may be read or downloaded here


Details of HS2 Ltd's proposed scheme are on this link


For further information regarding the proposed mitigation plan (supported by Steeple Claydon Parish Council) for Steeple Claydon and Calvert, please follow this link


Buckinghamshire County Council's HS2 e-update from August 2015 can be read or downloaded from 


Steeple Claydon Parish Council would like to thank everyone who supported the HS2 Select Committee visit to our Parish on Friday 26th June 2015.

The purpose of the visit was primarily for the Select Committee to visualise the full impact of HS2 and Infrastructure Maintenance Depot will have on our Village and neighbouring parishes.

The press were in attendance and further details can be viewed at


To access HS2 Ltd's plans for Steeple Claydon please access