Movement of Compactor Through Brackley Lane, Calvert

Monday 30 January 2017
11:00 to 16:00

Please be advised that there will be a one-way movement of plant namely the compactor from the landfill being removed through Brackley Lane.

 We have no option but to remove this item through this entrance as the height of the plant it greater than the clearance of Greatmoor Road.

 Please be advised that it will only be leaving site this was as the empty transport will be arriving via Greatmoor Road.


Please in order to assist us with this could you please park your vehicle in an alternative location other than Brackley Lane. If this is an issue please contact me and we can arrange for you to park on a temporary basis within the site’s car park for that day.


The movement is expected on the 30th January 2017 after 11am.

Contact April Rafferty, Site Business Manager, Calvert Landfill
01296 738837