Steeple Claydon Parish Council

Co-option of New Councillor

Steeple Claydon Parish Council has a number of vacant positions for new councillors.

The council has the option to co-opt additional councillors to join the existing team who take responsibility for managing the affairs of the Parish Council.

In particular, we are looking for people to help improve the Council's communications to help inform the village about our activities and we are interested in hearing from those with some up-to-date experience in this field and with social media/websites.

If you are interested in joining the Council please send a note to the Clerk, Ms. H. Holmes, Steeple Claydon Parish Council, Village Hall, 48 Queen Catherine Road, Steeple Claydon, MK18 2PY or email with a brief summary of your relevant skills and experience.

Please do this by 30/12/2020

The next SCPC meeting is Tuesday 05/01/2021 Elections for new councillors are scheduled to be held in May 2021 but are still to be confirmed due to possible COVID restrictions.

Thank you